DFM talks about the importance of Vitamins and Minerals in your diet

DFM talks about the importance of Vitamins and Minerals in your diet

Free health secret regarding the importance of vitamins, if you are willing to listen and willing to see:

99% of all your health problems can be solved with the following things:

1) Vitamin C

2) Magnesium

3) Vitamin B3

(Honorable mention: B-complex)

IF you have health issues, any health issue, then you need to evaluate these three nutrients and whether or not you are getting enough of them (here’s a hint: You aren’t).

At this point, if you feel like crap, have no energy, have GI issues, joint issues, back issues, mental health problems…you need to consume these nutrients in far larger amounts than you think.


All human beings are predisposed to extreme deficiencies of these three nutrients. Vitamin C is water soluble. It can’t be stored, and humans can’t make it. B3 is water soluble, can’t be stored, and it takes 50 molecules of Tryptophan to convert into 1 molecule of B3 (Niacin). And Magnesium is a mineral that can be stored in bones but 50% of it is in blood and tissue, and it is involved in every cell and every chemical reaction in the body.

For instance, a key part of the Krebs Cycle, or the process of producing energy on a cellular level, requires the presence of both Magnesium and Thiamine (hence the b-complex mention). The portion of the process before and after this particular part is hyper-dependent on something called NAD/NADH. NAD/NADH is converted directly from Niacin. This entire process is an oxidation madhouse (which is necessary to make energy. Energy is, essentially, an oxidative process) so to prevent our cells from literally exploding, vitamin C is needed in large amounts to control this oxidation.

The entire energy cycle in human and essentially all multi-cellular life cells is hyper-dependent on these three nutrients. If they are not present in large (relative to the RDAs) amounts, then cells simply don’t work. They die.

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