How would you like a personal non-medical Doctor to help you achieve your individual health goals?

Are you motivated and driven to accomplish more out of life but simply can’t get out of the physical rut you are in?

Are you disappointed with your health professionals not matching your commitment to your goals?

Are you fed up with health professionals giving you only minutes of their time and then just prescribing dangerous or addictive pharmaceuticals?

Would you like to work with a health professional that is as committed as you are, if not more, to your goals?

Do you want someone on your side who gets excited when you achieve your goals, get well, and improve your life?

Do you want a health professional on your team who really does care about you?

If you answered yes to these questions, then read on!

BUT if you are someone who is filled with excuses and refuses to take charge of your health; if you are unwilling to make the necessary changes to achieve a better life; if you are someone who lacks “discipline”, and expects everything in life to be handed to you without any work or accountability, then stop reading this now! You are not ready for Drugless Functional Medicine!

Working with Dr Joseph can be a fun and enriching experience that gives you the opportunity to not only take charge of your health, but also to find viable, non-invasive, 100% safe and effective solutions to common health challenges. You will gain capability and self-reliance while working with Dr Joseph over the course of around 6 months to a year.

Here are some things that are covered in a private, personal consultation program with Dr Michael Joseph, DFM, PhD:

  • Nutrient and Biomolecule Deficiencies, supplements, products
  • Dietary ideas, food allergies, digestion, digestive repair
  • Demystifying Probiotics and how to use specific species, strains, and combinations
  • Personal care ideas, hair/skin/nails
  • Mold Lifestyle Consulting, home and bio-remediation
  • Improving “how you live”; Maximizing the multiple aspects of your human experience
  • Sleeping and improving “regenerative” sleep
  • Exercising, strength training
  • “Morning Routine”
  • How to achieve your health goals
  • Emotional eating and how food affects your mood
  • Relationship improvement
  • Detoxification
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Rebalancing
  • Vitamin C, the MOST important nutrient
  • How to use niacin properly; the “niacin flush”
  • Food/Mood Journal Analysis
  • Sauna therapy consulting
  • Magnesium therapy
  • Lab test analysis, including standard blood work, organic acids, hormones, mold/enviro toxins
  • And so much more!

Dr Joseph has multiple doctorates and degrees, as well as over 40 different training certifications, including:

  • Natural Medicine
  • Drugless Functional Medicine
  • Orthomolecular Medicine
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Rebalancing
  • Mold and enviro-toxicity
  • Restorative Formulations
  • Vitamin C training at the world-famous Riordan Clinic
  • Holistic Health Counseling
  • Psychiatry Redefined
  • Herbal Medicine
  • And countless trainings in subjects such as mental health, digestive wellness, hormone balancing, and many more
  • Some of the trend-setting teachers Dr Joseph has studied directly with over the course of 2+ decades include:

    • Kurt Woeller DO, Pioneering clinician in the Autism Community and Functional Medicine clinical trainer
    • William Shaw PhD, Founder of Great Plains Lab and pioneer developer of the Organic Acid Test
    • Paul Pitchford, Author of Healing with Whole Foods
    • Greg Zengo, MD, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and Men’s Hormonal Health
    • Jay Meade, MD, Erin Lohman, ND, Kate Wells, pioneering founder of Labrix and Bio-Identical Hormone products
    • Authors Tom Monte, Anne Marie Colbin, Barry Sears, Michio Kushi, and many others
    • James Greenblatt, MD, Founder of Psychiatry Redefined and mental health pioneer
    • Henry Harbuck, ND, Founder of Kingdom College and pioneer in the field of natural medicine education

    With over 23 years of experience, Dr Joseph essentially “grew up” in the holistic and alternative health field and has NO ties to any aspect of the pharmaceutical industry. He has revolutionized natural and holistic health, working with one person at a time to explore new possibilities of human health improvement. There are countless individuals who are “still walking around” thanks to his hard work and dedication. He finds solutions because he is willing to look under the right haystack for the right “needle”. With multiple doctorates and through years of intense investigative clinical scientific research, Dr Joseph has a unique perspective on human biology that many in the medical field lack. His understanding of how the human body works on a molecular level as well as the “big picture” of human experience is second to none. He truly understands the integral relationships of the various aspects of the individual human experience and transfers this to each and every patient who is committed to learning.

    IF you are serious and ready to make the commitment to a brand-new life that is filled with more energy, improved health, and a freedom from what ails you, while spending less time in waiting rooms and more time out in the world experiencing life directly, then Dr Michael Joseph DFM is the partner you are looking for.

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