The vision of Drugless Functional Medicine, or DFM for short, is to see people become independently healthy, where the individual has far more control over his or her health than ever before.

have become far too dependent on a failed and flawed Medical Establishment that neither seeks or intends to cure anything, only to improve overall metrics through the distribution of health care services. DFM is the antidote to that in many ways, where the individual becomes the focus, not collective metrics and statistics that wind up replacing actual clinical outcomes.

The Individual is the focus. What do you want to accomplish? What if the solution to your concerns was, in fact, relatively simple? What if the solution, no matter how simple, still took work, training, and dedication? How can one accomplish anything when your medical personnel spend so little time with you and give you almost no actionable information as to why you don’t feel as well as you should?

DFM empowers the individual to take ACTION. It does not rely on the flawed premise of using pharmaceutical interventions that bypass or alter human biochemistry. Drugless Functional Medicine works to Reestablish Natural Human Biochemistry by correcting the simplest cause of why it wouldn’t work right: Deficiency. Find the deficiency first. This way, we are working with human chemistry, not against it. Patient outcomes are more dramatic and more personal, with far less risk.

One thing we know is how vitamins and minerals work together as critical and essential players in human chemistry. What we as a society do not know is how the myriad drugs that many people take, these un-researched “cocktails” that are prescribed by sometimes 2, 3, and 4 medical professionals, work together or interfere with each other. It is an absolute unknown because these substances are not part of human chemistry, so, we simply don’t have a clear picture of how they work or don’t work with each other, and what sorts of side effects they may or may not produce when in combination. There is very little data about drug interactions to begin with, and there is practically no understanding of how, for instance, 4 or 5 different blood pressure medicines could possibly cause undocumented health problems in the patient who takes them. The pharmaceutical companies simply do not test their drugs against the host of other drugs that one could be taking. We simply don’t know.

But we do know how vitamin C interacts with minerals like iron and zinc. We know, clearly, how b-complex vitamins work together, and how the different forms of vitamin E get into different types of tissue and recycle other antioxidants like Vitamin C and Glutathione. We know that magnesium is involved in up to 600 different enzyme reactions and that 94% of cellular magnesium is in the mitochondria of cells, making it crucial for energy production. We also know that deficiency of ascorbate produces scurvy, and even sub-optimal levels produce “scorbutic symptoms”. We know that Vitamin D is formed from cholesterol, and that selenium is needed for the immune system to function. We know about the relationship between copper and zinc, and how Vitamin C regulates that interaction.

One would think that, with all this knowledge and understanding of how nutrients and biomolecules work and interact with one another, and with the complete lack of understanding of how drugs interact with one another, the latter-day-saints of the medical establishment would actually prioritize actual, real biochemistry and nutrient deficiency instead of the uncertainty of pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, this is not the case. And this is why Drugless Functional Medicine was created. It is, in the opinion of Dr Joseph, what medicine should be.

Since 2002, Dr Michael Joseph has worked with 1000s of patients with health concerns like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, interstitial cystitis, irritable bowel syndrome, skin problems, anxiety, depression, cancer, eye health, emotional eating, and food allergies. Dr Joseph has a dynamic skill set that covers all of the aspects of nutrition, from food to emotional eating to supplementation and beyond. He understands “Bio-Chemical Individuality”, which means that everyone is biologically unique with unique, individual nutritional needs. He focuses a great deal on nutrient deficiencies and gut flora integrity, using his vast knowledge of human nutritional biochemistry to aid patients in healing their bodies by using the right nutrients in the right amounts at the right times. He is skilled at digestive repair and understands the benefit and use of probiotic repopulation therapy for common GI conditions, including Candida overgrowth and chronic constipation. Dr Joseph is an authority on food allergies and intolerance and he recognizes the impact that food allergies have on each person’s health. He is an expert in the transition to a non-allergic lifestyle and allergy-free cooking. He also has a deep understanding of both men’s and women’s health, and works exceptionally well with each to achieve their health goals. Dr Michael merges Functional, Orthomolecular, and Natural Medicine concepts to create a comprehensive, drugless approach that is rivalled by few in the health care world. By re-establishing natural, normal human biochemistry, he is able to help patients reach peak health without the use of drugs. His Deficiency-based medicine methodology is a new take on the tried-and-true Orthomolecular Medicine methods of the likes of Pauling, Hoffer, and Klenner.

Current Research

  • Case study on repairing retina damage using high levels of eye-specific nutrients, systemic enzymes, and antimicrobial modalities
  • IV-C (Intravenous vitamin C) against mycotoxins
  • Antimicrobial properties of Vitamin C
  • Cancer and Fungus: Is there a connection?
  • Postulates of Deficiency-Based Medicine
  • Men’s Hormonal Health and Lifestyle strategies
  • Applied Orthomolecular Medicine
  • COVID/SARS-Cov-2 controversies
  • High Dose Lactobacilli for systemic Candida and microbial invasion/overgrowth
  • Obscure probiotics and their clinical applications
  • Functional Microbiology and what it means to the human host


Accreditation and certifications from The American Association of Drugless Practitioners and The Texas Chiropractic College