What is “Drugless Functional Medicine”?

Drugless Functional Medicine is an approach to health care that aims to restore normal functionality back to the human organism by reestablishing natural human biochemistry, without the use of drugs or substances alien to human chemistry.

Adverse health conditions are really forms of malfunction of the human organism. These malfunctions are, in turn, the result of deficiency, whether it be an essential nutrient or other biomolecule essential to human chemistry. Adverse health conditions are NOT the result of “drug deficiency”. Granted, certain drugs may be needed for some acute or life threatening situations, and we understand that. But that is not what we do here. We focus on the long term healing of the human organism and the only way to do that is by restoring functionality by quelling deficiencies of vital chemicals of life.

What is “Deficiency-based Medicine”?

Deficiency-based Medicine, or DBM for short, is a methodology of focusing on and correcting biochemical deficiencies in the human host that would cause biological malfunction. It is based on three principles engineered and created by Dr Joseph:

1) Find the Deficiency First
2) The Cure Denotes the Cause
3) No Healing Can Happen in the Presence of Deficiency

These principles are guide stones in the foundation of Drugless Functional Medicine. By focusing on what is missing, we are able to achieve true healing of human tissue, and in turn, improvement to one’s overall life experience.

What is Functional Microbiology?

Dr Joseph has done extensive work with what he calls Functional Microbiology, which is an approach to microbiology that focuses on understanding how and why microbes interact with one another and their environment. The purpose of Functional Microbiology is to return the natural function of the internal ecosystem of the host and bring it back to a balanced state. By returning the organisms that are missing and controlling renegade and rogue overgrowths, Functional Microbiology can help to reestablish one’s natural microbiome and achieve a vastly improved health status. With his extensive knowledge of probiotics and how they behave, Dr Joseph is able to apply Functional Microbiology concepts to anyone with any health condition with excellent results.

Drugless Functional Medicine Lab Testing Rules:

  1. Test Right, Treat Right
  2. Treat the patient, not the test
  3. Know what and why you are testing

These rules allow the Drugless Functional Medicine practitioner to be more patient focused and understand the purpose, function, and capability of lab testing. The practitioner is in the driver’s seat; the lab tests provide a road map, a navigation tool, a radar.


What is it like working with Dr Joseph? What will I gain?

Dr Joseph is a wealth of knowledge and information, and not just raw data, but applied knowledge that you can use in your every day life. He points out the abundantly obvious solutions that we all tend to overlook every day of our lives, but also has a knack for finding “the right needle in the right haystack” because of his relentless pursuit of the truth.

He has an unparalleled work ethic, and is constantly seeking ways to better his craft while improving his understanding of the way the universe and the human body work and interact with one another.

His approach is simple, but do not confuse “simple” with “easy”. Be prepared to work. Hard. He is tough and brutally honest at times, and you must be ready to change the things that are preventing you from achieving your health goals. You will be transforming yourself to become more independent, more self sufficient, and less dependent on a failed and flawed medical system that seeks to cure nothing . If you are expecting Dr Joseph to give you a “magic pill” or wave a “wand” and make all your troubles go away without you changing any of your habits, then you are barking up the wrong tree. GET READY TO WORK…on yourself, your diet, your attitude, your outlook…if what you are currently doing is not yielding the results you want, then you must change what you are doing and find solutions that leads you to better outcomes.

Dr Joseph is unlike any other doctor in that he will spend a ton of time with you, examining your lifestyle, diet, nutrient status, biochemistry, and all the other things that make you who you are so that you can become the person you want to be, in body and mind.

Do you have what it takes? Do you have what it takes to make meaningful changes to your life, to hoist yourself out of the doldrums and stagnation into a life of greater energy and healthfulness? Or are you consumed with excuses as to why you can’t or won’t change for the better?

Will Dr Joseph give me a diet?

NO. Fad diets are the devils plaything! They don’t work and they never did. Dietary philosophies and a food strategy are much more effective, and more intuitive.

Each week, you will send Dr Joseph a food journal. This is essential. If you don’t want to take a food journal, then don’t expect results. You’ll continue to toil like a blind baboon in the dark with your diet.

The food journal, over time, creates a database for Dr Joseph to analyze. It provides detailed information about what you are doing outside of the consultations and in your every day life. After a while, patters emerge and become obvious. Even if Dr Joseph doesn’t analyze every one of the journal pages every week, the very fact that they exist provides incredibly useful information down the line.

The most important aspect of the food journal is that it puts you in control of your food and lifestyle. You are now accountable to yourself. This makes you more independent and more capable of taking control of your health.

If you refuse to take the journal, then you need to ask yourself this question: why are you here?. If you refuse to do this simple and revelatory activity, then you are not a good candidate to work with Dr Joseph. You will have to put the work in, and this includes writing down what you eat, drink, and how you feel every day for a while.

How long will I have to work with Dr Joseph to see results?

This is hard to answer, because everyone is different, and every program is different, and everyone has different goals and objectives. Some people see immediate results, within days or even hours, from correcting a simple deficiency, be it a nutrient, mineral, probiotic, or other critical bio-molecule that has been missing or in insufficient amounts. Others it takes months or even years. It is hard to predict. Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying to you. Dr Joseph asks for a 3 or 6 month commitment so that there is plenty of time to flesh out the work that needs to be done. Some patients consult with Dr Joseph every week for years, while others are ready to be on their own after a few months. Everyone is different and each patient is treated like an individual.What are the consultations like?

The consults are not planned or contrived, so don’t expect a cookie-cutter approach. Every consult program is different. However, come with questions. Ask LOTS of questions. Dr Joseph respects and honors questions. If you do not know something, ask. If something interests you, ask. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, because asking questions customizes your program to suit your individual goals. And when you come with your questions, be prepared for detailed answers and responses, not one-word cop-outs or BS stories. Bring a notepad and take notes, because you will likely get your own personal, spontaneous lecture/seminar just for you. There will be some consults where Dr Joseph has a plan for, but that plan is based on the individual patient.

What is the initial consultation and what does it cost?

The Initial Consultation is a phone meeting between you and Dr Joseph, where you and he discuss your situation and evaluate if you are a good candidate to work with him. It is usually around 45 minutes and the fee is $300, prepaid. An invoice will be emailed to you and once paid, the Initial Consultation is scheduled.

During this meeting, you and Dr Joseph will discuss your goals and what you want to achieve with your health and wellness. No health advice will be given, but if there is good “chemistry” between you and he, you can get started immediately! There are several programs that Dr Joseph offers, such as Mold or Hormonal specialty programs, and this meeting will help determine which is right for you.

Dr Joseph has limited space for new patients to enroll. This is because he works with fewer people in order to spend more time with them. The Initial Consultation helps to determine who is the best candidate and who has the commitment to move forward.

Schedule your Initial Consultation HERE.

What about supplements? What kind of supplements does Dr Joseph provide?

Dr Joseph stocks and orders products from over 20 different supplement companies and works closely with them to provide the most effective therapeutic supplements on earth. His vetting process and investigative efforts are unmatched in the field, and he is not afraid to challenge companies when improvements need to be made. He frequently converses with CEOs, Lab Directors, technicians, specialists, and scientific researchers of the companies he works with so he can have the most updated and cutting-edge knowledge possible about their products. Dr Joseph is always looking for innovations in the supplement field while retaining his orthomolecular “right molecule” approach. He will never make a recommendation without careful consideration, planning, and thought.

Supplement companies will often discontinue a product or change a formula, and Dr Joseph is swift to find viable side-by-side replacements so that you don’t miss a step with your nutrient status. He has many options available in case a product that we all know and love is no longer available.

If a company is not transparent about their manufacturing process or about their ingredients, Dr Joseph will not endorse or sell those products. He has strict criteria when evaluating a supplement company. The company must have great products, for a great price, and with great service. If a company does not meet all three of those criteria 100%, he moves onto a company that does. So, rest assured that you have an advocate that holds supplement companies to the highest standard possible.

And as Dr Joseph says: “I won’t ever suggest anything to you that I wouldn’t suggest to my own Mom!”

Is any of this covered by insurance?

No, Dr Joseph and his programs are cash-only and no insurance coverage or reimbursement is available. We accept credit card payments, checks, money orders, or cash. An invoice is sent where the patient or participant can conveniently pay with their credit card.

Please read this important Disclaimer and our Privacy Policy notices here.