Recent Patient Testimonials:

December 2022

“I cannot express gratitude for the care and attention I received from Dr. Joseph. Not only did he help me get my vitamin D levels back to a healthy range, but he also worked with me to address underlying health concerns that were affecting my overall well being.As a result of his expert guidance and support, I saw noticeable improvement in my hair growth and overall health.

I would highly recommend Dr. Joseph to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and compassionate healthcare professional.”

Thank you so much!
Cindy Fonda Ciminero

April 2023

“I have been a patient of Dr Joseph‘s since 2018. Dr Joseph is an exceptional doctor and a rare gem. You will not find another doctor able to understand your unique biochemistry, deficiencies, and who can work up a protocol that will successfully heal your body as he does. Under his direction, my legally blind eye was restored to 20/20 vision in less than six months by following his timed, precise protocol. His successful protocol for my right eye allowed me to forego surgery as recommended by my retina specialist, which would have been a permanent vision loss. My retina specialist said “This is a miracle!”

Dr Joseph then helped me successfully fight breast cancer without chemotherapy, radiation, or the toxic pharmaceutical drugs as recommended by my cancer surgeon. Dr Joseph was able to locate the source of my cancer within my environment, which was a mold overgrowth, and through his unique Intravenous Protocol of Vitamin C, enzymes, and probiotics he was able to remove it from my body. As of this writing, I am cancer free for more than 3 years. Dr Joseph is exceptional in how he interprets patient’s test reports and has been trained by top specialists in Functional Medicine. With his extensive understanding of microbiology and these lab results, he masterfully prepares a protocol that is unique to each of his patients.

I would highly recommend Dr Joseph to any patient who wants to successfully overcome their health issues and forego unnecessary surgery or pharmaceutical drugs.”

Thank you!
Elizabeth L

January 2023
 ”I cannot recommend Dr. Joseph highly enough! He has been incredible resource in educating me on the important role of supplementation and finding and treating deficiency, and well as the effects of mold and fungus and how they impact our health. With his guidance, I have been able to make significant changes to my diet, lower oxalate intake and increase my intake of vital nutrients like magnesium, niacin, and vitamin C. Dr. Joseph truly believes in treating the patient, not the test, and his holistic and personal approach to natural human biochemistry has been a game-changer for me. Thank you, Dr. Joseph, for your all of your invaluable knowledge and support!”

Randy Ciminero

Letters of Recommendation from Colleagues in the Natural Health Industry:

March 2023
“Dr. Joseph became an industry colleague the moment we spoke during the initial introduction as his account manager. My relationship with him from day one was not me serving as an account manager but gaining an industry resource and partner in the life sciences sector that spans over a year with him. I truly enjoy collaborating with Dr. Joseph as he is instrumental to those in the field and clinicians who struggle with specific cases. Dr. Joseph’s interest in having patients achieve positive clinical outcomes surges from it his positive attitude and mindset.

Dr. Joseph’s vast knowledge is of epic interest and support to some doctors who work with me via referrals or who I have known for a decade. His profound expertise from years of research, study, and hands-on work with patients in different clinical settings represents a valuable asset to the scientific community. His knowledge of Natural and Orthomolecular Medicine and Clinical Nutrition brings a dynamic perspective to human biochemistry.

Instrumental and passionate, we have an unparalleled true problem solver who hones in to simplify complex cases with great patience via an unorthodox bio-hacking approach. Dr. Joseph quickly took an interest in assisting several doctors with his Bio-Chemical Individuality review for each unique patient that some clinicians struggled with obtaining better outcomes. These select doctors embraced the foundational suggestions with the initial first step by incorporating Vitamin C, Live Bacteria, or Niacinamide, to name a few.

Dr. Joseph fosters positive authoritative discussions in Drugless Functional Medicine. My peers and I greatly appreciate his knowledge and natural sense to educate by simplifying the complex in the life sciences space. With my 15-plus years in this space, I trust that you and your team see Dr. Joseph as a beneficial addition to your organization and patients.

In closing, find my contact information at 775.393.9054 or email Rafael (at) solceutical.com for questions or clarifications.”

Rafael Sanchez
Independent Account Manager

April 2023
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Michael Joseph in a professional capacity while working at Allergy Research Group for the past few years. Dr. Joseph and I had many conversations regarding nutrition and optimization of his patient’s health. He really cares about his patients and devotes unlimited time to address their health issues and researching the root cause.  I’ve personally gained so much new knowledge from him and I am grateful for him sharing his research outcomes and protocols with me.  Dr. Joseph’s drugless protocols produce life changing response for his patients and in turn changing their lives.  His website is a fantastic place to learn more about his tireless research and also contains useful information for many health situations.”  

Debbie Buttar 
Account Specialist
Allergy Research Group

On Dr Joseph’s Expertise in Food, Nutrition, Food Allergies, And Eating:

April 22, 2008
“I met Dr. Joseph about 4 ½ years ago when I was suffering with a host of health problems such as migraines, digestive difficulties, muscle aches and pains, “brain fog”, among others. After being evaluated by several physicians and being subjected to numerous medical tests, my health continued to deteriorate. I was unable to work and left a job where I was employed for 15 years. Dr. Joseph suggested delayed onset food allergy testing and guided me through the food allergy elimination process over the course of 4 months.

During this process, Dr. Joseph showed extreme dedication, knowledge of food allergies (specifically gluten) and genuine concern for my well-being and recovery. He not only made suggestions for foods that I might tolerate, he actually gave me recipes and tips for preparation in addition to a shopping trip to our local health food store. Slowly, over the course of about 3-4 months, most of my symptoms disappeared. I have adhered to my new diet plan and way of life over the past 4 ½ years and feel so much better. I was able to return to my busy schedule and begin working again after being unable to for over two years.

I just want to thank Dr. Joseph for giving me my life back!”

Daphne T

Food As Medicine, Food AsPoison. Why keeping a food journal is so important!

July 2006 “Prior to working with Dr Joseph I was at the point in my life where I was looking for some solution that didn’t involve any more medications from the medical profession that were making me even more unwell. I made an appointment with Dr Joseph to discuss my struggles with anxiety and my current treatment. Our first meeting put me at ease because I believed that I finally found someone who could help me deal more effectively with my anxiety. He outlined his program to me in a very organized manner and more importantly I truly believed that he would help me in a way that no doctor or psychiatrist could. I have always been a believer that proper eating and lifestyle changes can heal one’s body as well as the mind and during the course of my work with Dr Joseph, that theory was proven.

During our second meeting Dr Joseph took a simple blood test in order to determine if I had any food allergies which might be the cause of my anxiety. However, the test was negative and this presented him with more challenges because it wasn’t the simple elimination of certain foods which would relieve the anxiety but something more complex. He then proceeded to introduce me to the morning routine which I perform faithfully every morning. This routine has been so helpful in calming me down in the morning and the rest of my day reflects that.

Another issue that was plaguing me was difficulty sleeping. I would very often be unable to fall asleep during the night or wake up several times during the night with heart palpitations. This more than anything else was such a torture for me because it was a self-perpetuating cycle. The insomnia would sometimes be the cause of more anxiety and the anxiety would be the cause of many more sleepless nights. In response to this Dr Joseph introduced me to something called night shades. Night shades are foods that “bloom” at night and include tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and eggplant. Since it was determined that I was eating these foods regularly Dr Joseph instructed me to eat these foods no more than once a week since they might be affecting my sleep. He also instructed me to eat grains in the evening (especially millet) because they are high in the B vitamins and could help me sleep more soundly.

By incorporating these changes into my diet and performing the morning routine daily I have slowly been able to conquer the anxiety which use to rule my life. It is so empowering to say that I have finally found a solution that I can follow for the rest of my life and know that it is healing to my body and not destructive. It is such a blessing and I am so thankful to Dr Joseph for his support and instruction during those difficult months. He is such a fountain of knowledge!”

Lorraine B

More about Dr Joseph’s Approach:

August 2005
“Meetings with Dr Joseph are always a pleasure. It is obvious that he practices what he preaches; as he himself is very vibrant, which is something that can only come from within. His knowledge is contagious and I feel as if I not only want but also need to know more about nutrition. One of the most important things I have learned from Dr Joseph is that everyone has their own special nutritional needs. This may sound obvious, but it is essential and Dr Joseph does a fantastic job at targeting just that.

Now I know I’m doing what’s right for my body, and it is something I can carry with myself everywhere and always. I recommend Dr Joseph’s program to everyone!

Christine R

February 2006
“Illness brought me to Dr Joseph through my medical doctor’s recommendation. Three and a half years ago, two doctors had misdiagnosed my symptoms, and because of that, I had become quite ill. Dr Joseph worked with my Medical Doctor to improve my health.

Dr Joseph has taught me so much about diet; and I do not mean diet restrictions that starve a person. I eat more variety now than I ever have! Not only has he given me emotional support but he has introduced me and my husband to foods that we only knew by name. Now, they are part of our life, and we enjoy eating them. Not only are they foods that we ate to get well, but foods we eat to stay well.

I have come far since the days of eating toast and cheese everyday for breakfast, and pasta, rice, or a baked potato for dinner. I am healing, feeling better, and I am enjoy I am enjoying my meals more than ever before. I actually look forward to eating now!

My husband and I tried to eat properly, exercised, and took our vitamins. None of that made any difference when I became ill. Dr Joseph has explained that if a person makes the right choices about food anyone can get the nutrients they need to be healthy. My husband and I are proof of that. We learned how to reach our desired weight while enjoying what we ate.

Perhaps the thing I appreciate most about what Dr Joseph teaches is that he doesn’t want anyone to be dependent on him. He wants us to learn from him so that we can take care of ourselves for the rest of our lives. How wonderful is that?

Carole P

February 2007
I have learned so much from Dr Joseph that has created a lasting change for me. And while I continue to learn what food makes me feel well and nourished, I no longer see food as “good” or “bad” or that I “cheated”. Food is so wonderful and I enjoy my food now and it no longer “beats me up”. I also hardly ever get sick!

Dr Joseph is warm and caring, and brings every person he works with on a new journey of self-discovery, learning what works for each individual. Dr Joseph is a spiritual person and expresses gratitude for the food he eats and takes great joy in the work he does. He really does care! It is more than a job to him. Anyone who comes to Dr Joseph can only come out feeling better about themselves and feeling empowered to make the changes they need. I know I did!

Thanks, Dr Joseph!”

Louise S

August 2009
“After meeting with Dr Joseph I decided to embark on what would be a life changing experience. My main goal was to eat healthier foods and incorporate more greens into my diet. In the three-month program I learned more about food and nutrition then I ever did in my whole life! The individual consultations were extremely helpful in supporting my goals. Dr Joseph tailored the program to fit my needs and talked me through some challenging assignments. Before starting this program I found myself cooking the same meals over & over. After learning about a variety of foods and experimenting with them, I discovered that I could cook a different nutritious and tasty meal everyday for many days without repeating ingredients! I have a whole new outlook on health and nutrition and have adopted a permanent healthier life style.

Thanks, Dr Joseph!”

Regine D

June 2006
“After just six weeks of working with Dr Joseph, not only did I no longer have a fatty liver, my cholesterol dropped as well as my triglycerides, and I also lost ten pounds by just eating and drinking healthy. I highly recommend Dr Joseph’s expertise as he is extremely passionate about his work and his clients.”

Kathleen D

“Dr Joseph doesn’t only give the right tools, he gives the right mindset; he makes being healthy fun and easy. Dr Joseph gives so much encouragement and support; he is determined to make a difference in the world and treats his clients as if they are the world he wants to change. I highly recommend going to Dr Joseph for counseling.”
Eric Person, Certified Hypnotherapist.

Letter of Recommendation from Pediatrician Henry Novis, MD:

June 2010
It is without reservation that I highly recommend Dr. Michael Joseph for any position he may be seeking.

My first contact with Michael was at a lecture I attended where he was the main speaker. At the time I was impressed with his presentation, but especially with his knowledge of immunology and its role in allergy and bowel disease.

I then had the opportunity to meet with him privately, which confirmed my initial impressions. He is very personable, with a very engaging personality, and his idealism for his profession is immediately apparent. Please give him every consideration for any position he may seek.

Yours truly,
Henry Novis M.D.

Testimonial from a Professional Football Player Turned Inspirational Film Maker:

November 2007
“First off let me say I was pretty skeptical about taking an allergy test. I didn’t think that giving a blood sample could give an accurate reading of the food that I’m allergic to. I asked myself, well if this was true, then how come a doctor has never mentioned anything like this to me before. Well I was having a load of problems with my body ranging from really bad skin (acne), and troubled joints that would flare up every now and then.

I told Dr Joseph about my troubled skin and he suggested I take an allergy test. At first I really wasn’t interested because my dermatologist told me acne is not cause by what you eat. But after trying load of acne medication, even antibiotics taken orally, I said let me give the allergy test a shot.

Once I took the exam, I got the results back in 2 days with shocking results. The results showed that I was super allergic to Dairy, Whey and Eggs. WOW. I have been consuming milk and cheese like they were oxygen, for years. I’m a football player and was also taking “whey” protein regularly, along with eggs every now and then.

Well this was a shock to me. After these results, I eliminated dairy and whey from my diet completely… After about 2-3 weeks, my skin started to clear up and the bumps were going away. I thought this had to be a joke. Ten years of bad skin was due to what I was eating?? Well it’s been about 7 months now and my face look better than it did when I was 13. I’m 26 now.

The pain in my joints even seemed to have faded away after 2 months. Wish I had known about this test years ago. Maybe I would have enjoyed my teenage years better than I did.

Thanks,Dr Joseph.”

Emeka M’badiwe,
Wide Receiver, European Football League 2007/8

Highlights of Emeka’s MVP-caliber season before retiring to become a spiritual film maker:

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