If you are sick or not feeling your best and not getting any better, do the following:

1) Make a total lifestyle overhaul. Sleeping, activity, work schedule, how you eat, how you chew, bowel movements, your relationships, hobbies, and anything else you can think of. If your life is messed up and you aren’t dealing with stressful issues properly, then you will be messed up. Admit that everything you are doing is wrong instead of looking for blind acceptance from others while stubbornly clinging to bad, destructive habits. Ditch the coffee, the drugs, the booze, the vaping, and the food that comes in your car window and all the other junk you inexcusably waste your money on that is just making you sick. If you refuse to correct any of this, then stop complaining because you are part-and-parcel to your own demise. Don’t come looking to a health guru or practitioner for a magic wand or super pills to fix your ills. Look in the mirror for answers because no one else can make you change but yourself. You have to want to change and you have to invest in it with your whole self, including your finances and day-to-day efforts. You can’t afford not to.

2) You need a nutrient and bio-molecule protocol, not some random pill-box that has a bunch of stuff in it that you don’t understand that you got on Amazon or from Walmart. Spend the extra money on the right stuff and find a qualified professional to train you on how to use it. Also, SUPPLEMENTS ARE NOT “MEDS”. Get that out of your head right now. Nutrient supplements are to correct biochemical deficiencies that are either in-borne such as Vitamin C and niacin, or individual such as those who may need more Vitamin E or carotenoids due to various reasons. If you refuse to get a professional protocol and you think you can DIY this, then I suggest watching some YouTube videos on how to replumb your house or perform an appendectomy and then tell me how that worked out. Proper training is required to create an effective nutrient deficiency-based protocol, so hire a professional who has that training and experience. Amazon does not care if you get the right probiotic or even from a legally authorized distributor. They want your money and that’s all. A trained professional who dedicates his or her life to this work cares and will give you your money’s worth, and eventually train you on how to do this for yourself. Stop being cheap and pay for quality and for measurable results. And before you start messing with your hormones because of a podcaster telling you about this or that new product or procedure, get the proper testing done first. Blood tests and urine tests are insufficient for clinically relevant hormonal testing. Salivary hormone testing is the preferred method, and only use safe and effective bio-identical hormone products.

3) Stop looking for treatments for your symptoms if you truly want to get well. Look instead for solutions to biological problems and insufficient chemistry. The only thing that we can truly cure is Deficiency. In every case of dehydration, water deficiency, it is cured with the administration of water. In every case. Same applies for scurvy (Vitamin C), pellagra (Niacin), beriberi (thiamine), and the other dread deficiency diseases that ravaged all societies for 5,000+ years. Name brand diagnosed “diseases” are not cured with treatments. They are “managed” or “controlled” until “remission”, if it ever comes. If a treatment, medical or “natural”, “cures” one person of a particular branded disease it doesn’t mean it will “work” for another person. And physical treatments like surgery or acupuncture are not “cures”; they are by-definition “treatments”. They facilitate healing. The real cure is what the organism is doing to self-correct when obstructions are removed. How does this happen? By the organism having the presence of the right building blocks, what we call nutrients. This is hard biological fact that you need to understand if you want to heal from anything that is afflicting you. In the end, “cure” really means “heal”, so to be “cured” of a thing, you must heal from it. And no healing can happen in the presence of deficiency.

4) Get properly tested and use Functional Lab Testing. In order to properly understand what is going on with your body and all its metabolic functions, you need the right tests and the right person to interpret those tests. I cannot stress this enough. Also understand that we do not and should not treat the test report instead of the patient. This is why it is imperative that you get your lab testing done with someone who knows what he or she is looking for and is evaluating the report in the context of your individual situation. These tests cost money and are not covered by insurance. It is worth every penny to invest in getting an Organic Acid Test once or twice a year and then working with a professional to fine-tune your chemistry, based on the results. It’s not just about “prevention”; it is about normalizing and then maximizing your biochemistry so you can have the best life possible. Further, how can we correct biochemistry and fix deficiencies if we do not have a lab test report to give us a navigable road map? If you spend your money on the junk mentioned above, don’t complain that you don’t have the cash to invest in your health. Stop investing in your sickness, because you will have a negative ROI (return on investment).

5) Don’t confuse detoxification with “healing”. Fasting is a very popular modality that has been used for generations, and yet rarely is it done correctly in the 21st century. Fasting is a method of detoxification that allows for the “resetting” of various bio-systems in the body, such as the GI tract and the vascular system, by redirecting metabolic resources from food digestion to detoxification. But it should not be used flippantly or as a means of “cleansing after a bender” or as justification to smoke, drink, do drugs, or eat crap all day long. It should be used strategically, like rebooting the OS, and allowing for the body to detox from serious toxicity like petrochemicals, organophosphates, and mycotoxins (mold toxins). If you are healthy, you do not need to fast, and if you use fasting as a means of “healing” without understanding the role of nutrient deficiency then you are simply causing long term damage. Give the body what it needs to heal and stay healthy and you won’t ever need to do a hard fast again. Fasting is also a cop-out that absolves you of responsibility. Why make consistent, good decisions on a day-to-day basis about your health when you can do stupid stuff (like the aforementioned junk) and just fast-away the bad decisions? And, we should be doing a soft fast every evening by ending food consumption after dark and not eating late at night. We should be “fasting” every night for 8-10 hours, and then breaking the “fast” every morning when we eat break-fast.

Be accountable, because at the end of the day, the only person you have to answer to is yourself.

Are you ready to hold the mirror up to yourself and ask the tough questions? Are you really being accountable for your own life and the consequences of how you take care of yourself?

If you follow the guidelines above, you’ll find great health and avoid degenerative conditions while staying out of the hospital and medical offices. If you think this stuff is total garbage and think you already have the answers, then Godspeed. I hope when you spin the revolver that you don’t get the bullet. The best way to win Russian Roulette is to not play the game in the first place.

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