Many in the medical industry see Drugless Medicine as a “threat” to the industry, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Drugless Functional Medicine is defined as the Restoration of Normal, Expected Functionality Back to the Human Body by Reestablishing Natural Human Biochemistry, and it is not a threat to the established medical industry; it is its salvation. Through this modernized and common-sense modality of correcting nutritional biochemical problems and re-establishing the natural order to human chemistry, we are able to save lives before they need to be saved; we can circumvent many chronic and expensive problems and treatments by putting nutrients back into the body that are missing or are in sub-normal amounts; we can drive national health care costs down by seeking out excessive toxins and removing these chemicals from the body, clearing a path for greater health and less health care clinic visits; we can remove the obtrusive pressure placed on medical personnel by putting more responsibility and accountability into the hands of the patients, and therefore giving patients substantially more control over their own health. There are countless ways that Drugless Functional Medicine can benefit the current medical industry and all its professionals if they would simply embrace it as an ally instead of fighting it as if it was the industry’s worst adversary.

Why don’t allergists recognize IgG mediated food allergies or how gut flora influences allergic response? Why won’t GI doctors address diet and microbiome health as major factors in determining digestive concerns? Why are cardiologists generally against the use of niacin, omega 3 fatty acids, or vitamin C in preventing or treating heart disease? Why are mental health medical professionals against nutritional deficiencies as a major cause of mental health and anxiety issues? What sense does it make to load someone up and a variety of medications, for instance, for psychiatric issues when in reality the patient is really just deficient in a key nutrient such as B3, Magnesium, or Zinc? Why isn’t mold illness, with its long history and now recent studies that validate it, not taken seriously by medical professionals even though they see it every day in their clinics and hospitals? Why isn’t intravenous vitamin C part of the standard of practice for stroke victims who arrive at an emergency room, why isn’t Intravenous Vitamin C being used for sepsis even though the evidence is conclusive that it saves lives?

We can ask “why” to hundreds of other similar questions but the answer to all these questions is simple: There IS no answer. There is no excuse. There is absolutely no reason why the medical industry can’t simply embrace the power and simple common sense of the modality of Drugless Medicine, as we have defined here as the Reestablishing of Natural, Normal Human Biochemistry. However, the “powers that be” assure that we have considerably less access to this method of correcting biochemical issues than we should. They have created restrictions that force people into their bloated, failing system that puts politics, ideology, and bureaucratic procedure over patient care and well being. We have all experienced this in one way or another in our own doctor’s office visits, and the system is continuing to fail as it can’t meet patient needs. More people are getting less quality care than ever. As lines grow and grow for people entering clinics, the list of problems for which they are seeing their doctor is growing exponentially. Yet, many, many of those problems can very well be corrected or even completely circumvented by implementing a Drugless protocol to correct the biochemical problems causing the concerns in the first place. What if we could reduce the workload on medical personnel while dramatically cutting costs, improving patient outcomes, and reducing the dependency on Medical Doctors for every health problem under the sun? Would it at least be worth exploring?

Perhaps what the medical industry needs, the next step in its evolution, is a fleet of qualified, well trained, honest Doctors of Natural and Drugless Medicine who have the highest integrity and code of ethics that focus exclusively on the modality of restoring normal functionality back to the human body by reestablishing natural human biochemistry in each patient, and have no ties at all to the pharmaceutical industry and no incentive whatsoever to use any toxic drug. This specialized, foundational practitioner would help skyrocket patient outcomes while reducing costs, because there would be fewer office visits and ER visits for chronic problems that are really just the result of a deficiency, a food allergy, gut flora issue, or excessive exposure to certain toxins. Fewer office visits means less prescriptions needing to be filled, less surgeries, less invasive testing, and so on…

There are tremendous benefits to the incorporation of this powerful modality Drugless Functional Medicine. If the established medical industry would collectively realize and accept this modality as its greatest and fiercest ally, then perhaps we can begin to see the health outcomes we were promised by the AMA when they essentially took over complete control over American Health Care in the early 20th century. As of the early 21st Century, that promise has not been kept, and sooner rather than later, the levy will break and we will have a historic health care crisis1. The health care and medical industry has an ally, if they just open their eyes, minds, and hearts; it could save them from such a grim yet seemingly inevitable outcome.

1 This article was originally written in 2018 as part of my thesis for the first ever Drugless Functional Medicine doctorate ever awarded. I accurately predicted the “COVID” crisis in my thesis and warned about the failings of the medical industry in my thesis. The fact that this industry doubled down hard on attacking non-medical professionals during this crisis shows how much they see us as a treat to their control and bottom line. They even colluded with “big tech” to censor, attack, and slander any professional that questioned the medical narrative or the substantially spotty science behind the pandemic and the atrocious vaccine(s) created to mitigate it. They failed across the board, and unfortunately my dire prophecies came to pass.

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