But take the right supplements, at the right times and in the right amounts!

The most important thing you can do to take control over your own health is to make sure you are not “swimming in a sea of deficiency”. If you are lax on your supplements or don’t have a plan then you won’t see positive results or meaningful outcomes.

Make sure you take the right stuff. Spend the extra money and get the stuff I recommend. I work with over 35 supplement companies and I have direct access to the CEOs of many of them, on a first-name-basis. What I recommend works, and if you want to get stuff from the drug store or Wal-Mart, that’s your call but don’t expect Lexus-like performance from a Geo Metro. And don’t expect the kid stocking shelves at Wal-Mart to understand what Vitamin B12 you need and how to take it. You don’t get what you don’t pay for.

Your supplementation should be an active part of your life that you are committed to. If you don’t commit, then you might as well just quit. This is the opportunity that you have before you that allows you to spend substantially less time in a waiting room and more time doing the things you enjoy.

It goes further than just “not being ill”. Our goal here shouldn’t be merely the absence of adverse health conditions; it should be the achievement of positive health goals, which by design involves the absence of adverse health conditions but includes so much more! The symptoms you are experiencing are the result of certain things not functioning correctly, and our goal is to correct that so that you can truly be “healthy”. What I attempt to do is to restore normal, expected functionality back to the body by reestablishing natural human chemistry. To accomplish this, we must Find the Deficiency First, and correct deficiency so the body can heal more efficiently and perform more effectively.

The first step to taking control of your health and achieving your wellness goals is a sophisticated but simple Deficiency-Based Medicine protocol. It is a strategy that I work up for you and it covers the basic deficiencies that humans are prone to while being customized to your personal needs and goals. This gives you a huge advantage over others that are “grabbing at straws” and don’t have a plan of action for their overall nutrient and probiotic intake. The plan is as important as the product.

Don’t try to guess at this or use “Dr Google”. Get with someone who knows the ins-and-outs of supplementation and understands human biochemistry, and can properly advise you on how to get the correct, optimal nutrients in your body in the right amounts and at the right times.

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