Nutritional Independence is the concept that the individual is fully capable of making his/her own decisions about food and nutrition, without relying on outside extreme influences, such as internet trends, social “influencers” who promote “fad” diets, advertisements and infomercials, narrow minded “nutritionists”, or government-sponsored “dieticians”. A Nutritionally Independent person has all of the tools, knowledge, training, and skills needed to construct a nutritional strategy that is appropriate for his/her goals and lifestyle.

The Nutritionally Independent individual has a deep awareness of how different foods interact with his/her body, physiology, psyche, and emotions. Adverse reactions to certain trigger foods are not only understood, but easily remedied by a vast knowledge of easily chosen replacement foods. Recipes are optional; the Nutritionally Independent person can create any meal without the need of a clear-cut recipe. He or she can combine foods at any meal to create complete, whole-food nutrition without having to refer to a text book to see what nutrients are in what food and in what quantity. Shopping becomes much simpler and much less of a strain on one’s wallet, because the Nutritionally Independent individual can identify the most nutrient dense foods and can avoid the foods that are not of any value to him/her. One who is Nutritionally Independent can identify when he/she is eating emotionally, prevent it from continuing, and express his/her emotions in another non-consumptive manner. The food paradigm of such an individual is such that he/she can understand that one’s food decisions today dictate one’s health tomorrow; they are capable of seeing the bigger, “holistic” picture, and can make food decisions based on foresight, not hindsight, and not hearsay.

This is the most sophisticated and advanced state of achievement in the realm of personal nutrition because the individual has vastly more control over his/her health than one who is not Nutritionally Independent. Many doctors, alternative physicians, and health professionals love individuals who are at this state of achievement because it makes the job of the health practitioner much, much easier. To achieve Nutritional Independence is to be free from the confusion and frustration which results from the misinformation that is pervasive in the contradictory nutrition, wellness, and medical industries.

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