How you think about your health and health concerns and your approach to healing yourself will largely determine how healthy you will be in the long term. To a certain extent we have tremendous control over our health and how we approach our health concerns. The more of an understanding we have of a few basic principles, the more of that control we have over our overall health. By realizing that our paradigm, or how we think and how we see the world around us, essentially “creates” our health by forming our decision making process, we can then transform our paradigm to be aligned with what we want to achieve in our lives. Change your paradigm, change your health.

Here is an example: One of the main reasons why someone gets sick is because they neglect one of the simplest and most basic concepts of health: that the human body has a very powerful, daily cleansing system, that when functioning properly, is more powerful than any man made filtration system. It can pretty much rid itself of any toxin, if it is allowed to work properly. The human body does not respond well, in the long run, to short term harsh cleanses that are done over and over again in response to consistent, recurring sickness. Instead, it actually hurts the body, but also creates a paradigm of “get sick, get cleansed, get sick again, and get cleansed. Don’t change your habits, don’t eat better, don’t sleep enough or get enough water…if you get sick, go get a cleanse, take some herbs, and you’ll be back on your feet. When you get sick again, go take that cleanse again”. How is this any different than taking aspirin for a head ache? How is this different than putting a band-aid on chronic hemorrhage? It’s a short term solution for a permanent problem. It’s like dumping garbage on the floor each and every day, but not cleaning it up until it gets unbearable; then cleaning it up, only to dump more garbage the following day. This is the kind of thinking, or paradigm, which facilitates constant, ongoing, recurring sickness.

The best and most efficient form of “cleansing” is a slow, gradual, almost subconscious cleansing that facilitates detoxification on a daily basis; one that recognizes the significance of the cause and effect principle. The key would be to strengthen the body, to facilitate healing and detoxification, and to eliminate the cause. For instance:

If one has built up gall sediment, what is happening in that person’s life that would lead to sediment build up or gall stone formation? What is the causation of this outcome? What would facilitate the body in healing that would reduce the chances of this happening again? What is the best direction in which to move forward in? What needs to change in the day to day activity so this person can experience “well-ness” consistently? What needs to be done to support this person on the transition so they can reach their health goals? How can this person achieve personal independence so they can prevent this from happening again in the future? What are the obstacles that prevent healing?

Holistic health or holistic nutrition is not a “product” or a sort of “technique”; for instance, how some people refer to certain foods as “holistic” or certain techniques of healing as “holistic”, as if “holistic” (and in turn, “functional”, “integrative”, etc…) is a mere buzzword to be slapped onto an ad campaign or a social media post. “Holistic” is a paradigm, not a product, not a food, and not a diet program; it’s a way of looking at your health, your body, your nutrition, your life, in its entirety. It’s a point of view that perceives how one thing leads into the next, that everything has some sort of a cause, whether it being deep rooted or of a more superficial nature, and an effect. This is the true nature and the core of Drugless Functional Medicine and I cannot stress this enough. The concept of DFM is firmly rooted in the principle of “cause and effect”, for example:

If “A” then “B”
Let’s call “B” the “symptom”, or ailment, sickness, or disease, and “A” is the causative factor. But the question is “what is ‘A’? What is the real root cause of ‘B’”? The DFM approach seeks to answer this question and find the cause by looking at the “big picture”, the whole person, the holistic paradigm, to find the root cause of the problem. Through this approach, one can see the deeper inter-connectedness between all of the different aspects of each person and how each part relates and interacts with every other part; how one’s actions and habits can lead to dis-ease, or to well-ness. If we can see those connections and perceive how illness manifests, we will have the proper approach and tools needed to help yourself or others not just to heal, but to be in a constant state of “healing”.

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