Drugless Functinal Medicine CEO weighs in on the question many of us are asking “Does Covid 19 Exist?”

Does Covid 19 Exist? What everyone needs to understand, that the media and some so-called “experts” are ignoring, is that the scientific method of discovering this Novel Coronavirus was so bad and so sloppy that not a single laboratory can confirm it even exists. The scientists who allegedly discovered this entity had no idea what they were doing and only “discovered” DNA from dozens of other organisms. The mapping of this organism is just re-mapping fragments of other DNA.

Worse, the testing that is being used on people is so unreliable that it cannot tell the difference between a coronavirus and a piece of fruit, literally. I’m not making this up.

So, we have a virus that has never been confirmed to exist, that possesses DNA from dozens of different organisms, that can allegedly do things that no other virus in history can do (especially a weak “coronavirus”), that no one can accurately test for, and the testing used for it can’t even tell the difference between vastly different species.

What all of this amounts to is unprecedented scientific fraud that this world has never seen before on this scale.

There IS no COV #19. There is not a single shred of scientific evidence, not a single scientific process that can be duplicated to achieve the same results, that proves this “novel virus exists”.

Criminal fraudulent science, to be exact.

This should be an open-and-shut case. Scientifically speaking, that is.

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