NO. Fad diets are the devils plaything! They don’t work and they never did. Dietary philosophies and a food strategy are much more effective, and more intuitive.

Each week, you will send Dr Joseph a food journal. This is essential. If you don’t want to take a food journal, then don’t expect results. You’ll continue to toil like a blind baboon in the dark with your diet.

The food journal, over time, creates a database for Dr Joseph to analyze. It provides detailed information about what you are doing outside of the consultations and in your every day life. After a while, patters emerge and become obvious. Even if Dr Joseph doesn’t analyze every one of the journal pages every week, the very fact that they exist provides incredibly useful information down the line.

The most important aspect of the food journal is that it puts you in control of your food and lifestyle. You are now accountable to yourself. This makes you more independent and more capable of taking control of your health.

If you refuse to take the journal, then you need to ask yourself this question: why are you here?. If you refuse to do this simple and revelatory activity, then you are not a good candidate to work with Dr Joseph. You will have to put the work in, and this includes writing down what you eat, drink, and how you feel every day for a while.