“Macrobiotics” is a way of eating based on the Okinawan diet that focuses on cooked vegetables, mostly steamed, grains, and a ton of soy sauce (which I personally omit). It really focuses on the macronutrients but also nutrient dense foods. It is also the first and only diet that has been scientifically proven to “cure” “cancer”. This was the diet that Dirk Benedict, aka “Starbuck” (the original one) and “Face” from the A-Team, used to cure himself of prostate cancer when he was young.

“The Micro-Biotic Protocol” focuses on circumventing deficiency without making it too complicated or hard to apply for the average, hard working person. The idea for the term “Micro-Biotic” came to me from a TV show where the characters kept mispronouncing “macrobiotics”.

“The Micro-Biotic Protocol” is very simple: the first part, “Micro” denotes “Micronutrients”, and the ones we focus on are Vitamin C, B3, and Magnesium. We include Magnesium here because minerals are technically “micronutrients”. Based on my research and calculations, these three nutrients are the most common and most insidious of all the possible and probable micronutrient deficiencies and the deficiencies that are most likely responsible for many adverse health conditions. These deficiencies need to be solved with supplementation in order for any diet to “work right”. It is impossible for humans to get all the nutrients needed from food alone when we consider certain biochemicals like Vitamin C and Vitamin B3. Vitamin C is supposed to be made by our livers and is not, while B3 is inefficiently converted from tryptophan and not enough to meet the high demand of human chemistry. It is impractical and inefficient to assume that we can get these two nutrients in any appreciable physiological amount from foods and diet. This is the paradox and anomaly of human chemistry. So, our focus is on these two “Bio-molecules” that need to be regarded as essential but must be supplemented for proper, normally functioning human chemistry.

Magnesium, on the other hand, is a mineral that is essential to life. In humans, it is involved in hundreds of chemical reactions including up to 800 enzymatic reactions. No other “mineral” is involved in as many enzyme reactions as magnesium. However, this mineral is odiously, notoriously difficult to get in the right amounts from a diet, and even less effectively absorbed from the cut. In previous times, mineral rich waters like the Jordan River, Sea of Galilee, and the Yellow River were revered for their healing properties, which was likely due to the high magnesium content of these bodies of water. Magnesium is actually absorbed through the skin very effectively, and soaking in high-magnesium, mineral rich waters can provide biologically active magnesium. There are many ways of supplementing with magnesium, and many forms of bio-active magnesium, all of which we will explore later. It is also important to note that vitamin C has a strong affinity for Magnesium, and the vitamin aids the mineral’s absorption and uptake.

The second half of our protocol is the “Biotics” portion. This denotes “probiotics” and all their forms and functions, including Pre, Pro, and “Post” biotics. The primary focus here is colonizing Bifidobacteria, which is the most important and abundant of all the colonizing bacteria in the gut. When this genus (a classification of microorganisms) is in low quantity in the human large intestine, adverse health conditions are almost a guarantee. Bifidobacteria, under normally expected circumstances, makes up at least 50% of stool. This means that a relatively easy fix for chronic constipation is to simply repopulate the large intestine with this critical class of organisms. Infants and newborns have up to 90% of their large intestine colonized with bifidobacteria, while 60 year old senior would have 10% or less. I have done stool diversity tests on many seniors and have found that many of them have absolutely ZERO bifido species in their stool. These were also the same people who presented severe digestive and elimination problems, and upon correcting this colonizing probiotic deficiency, I saw improvements almost overnight. If there is anything that I saw happen immediately, it is the dramatic improvement that comes with repopulating the gut with bifidobacteria. Some of the worst cases took as little as two weeks when using mega-CFU (colony forming units) of bifidobacteria containing formulas.

This second section of our protocol is crucial, and without the repopulation of bifidobacteria, it is almost a futile effort to try and find health improvements. This is a big part, if not the biggest part, of a simple, safe, and rapid health improvement and healing approach. Other probiotics can be less effective in the presence of bifido deficiency. Please note that bifidobacteria needs to be supplemented in a “swarm of locusts” approach for maximum effectiveness, and most mainstream bifidobacteria supplements are horribly under-powered and feeble, so we’d need to take high dose powders, which are becoming more and more of a rarity as trendy, “fad” probiotic products dominate the marketplace, literally crowding out the key genus in our large intestines. There is no dispute that bifidobacteria is the true “keystone” of our gut microbiota, and we need to make its colonization (or re-colonization) our priority.

Consider the term “Micro-Biotic”, and how the two parts of this concept are linked: Vitamin C is important for Bifidobacteria colonization as the vitamin antagonizes and retards the growth of invasive or “pathogenic” yeasts and fungi and other predatory bacteria that could adversely influence the adhesion of bifidobacteria to the human gut. Bifidobacteria is hyper dependent on and heavily reactive to the presence of magnesium in the gut. It is not fully understood why, but it may have to do with how magnesium cancels-out excessive calcium, which is toxic and can influence the growth of predatory organisms that would kill off bifidobacteria. And finally, vitamin B3 is a critical nutrient for digestive health, as it allows for more serotonin to be produced in the gut. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that controls the muscles in the gut responsible for digestion and elimination. 80% of the serotonin found outside the central nervous system is found in the human digestive system. One of the clinical signs of the dread disease Pellagra, also known as severe Vitamin B3 deficiency, is acute diarrhea, which points us in the direction that difficult cases of diarrhea may in fact be that of vitamin B3 deficiency.

By using this simple and easy-to-apply model, the practitioner and the patient can find a clear path to solutions for common health problems that are in reality just common, yet overlooked deficiencies. The “Micro-Biotic Protocol” can be an approach that anyone can understand and use, with a customized approach to suit the individual needs of the patient.

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