What if I said to you Vitamin C is one of, if not the most amazing chemicals on the planet? It may even be the miracle compound that can singularly benefit human kind more than any other compound / prescription drug or remedy in existence.

My report, “The Vitamin C Protocol” contains ground breaking research which has NEVER been published before. Research that will have you re-thinking your opinion on human physiology, well being, nurition and the entire medical industry. It will make you re-assess the way you look at your own patient care and well being and your practice at large.

This research and the findings contained within can benefit you, your patients, your practice and all of human kind more than any other commercially manufactured drug in all of history. It can help you and your practice in ways that you have not even imagined yet.

If I have your attention now, please watch the following video presentation and if you are ready, please join me, Dr Michael Joseph on a journey that both open your mind and help your patients in ways that you would have not though previously possible.


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This research has been my life’s work. So with that in mind I am asking for a donation to access this information. Your donation will give you access to my papers, research and findings as well as case studies. I will supply detailed dosage administration advice, after treatment advice, evidence of results and of course real lab test findings and documentation. You will have access to videos, tutorials and more. You will also have discounted access to my corporate talks, one on one industry consultations and courses.

Joining me will make YOU one of the first to take advantage of and implement this ground breaking gift to humanity.

See you on the other side!