Want to launch your new business / product / service in a big way?

Here at Supercharge your business we have a huge email list of over 19000 names all working in the medical or health industries. Imagine being able to get your message out to a super targeted list like that to announce your new product or service?

Our list is refined, dead emails have been removed, non-responsive emails have been taken out so you are left with a very well targeted email list of whom over 30% open our emails (Which is an unheard of percentage in the industry where averages are closer to 2-5%)

Email marketing when done right can be a great way to reach a targeted audience for little cost and effort on your part, but a huge upside of brand awareness visibility and potential follow up sales.


Basically anything in the health industry that you think would appeal to other professionals. It doesn’t have to be a new business or product either. Got some important news about your business? Starting up a new podcast? Let us get you some awareness straight off the bat? New blog post? New social media account? just want to get traffic started again on your pre existing social media accounts?

Got a new product or service demonstration? An email blast like this is a great way to get that multimedia in front of people.

We an even assist you in setting up your social media pages, websites, blogs or podcasts to maximise the returns you can make off these blasts.

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