Dr Joseph stocks and orders products from over 20 different supplement companies and works closely with them to provide the most effective therapeutic supplements on earth. His vetting process and investigative efforts are unmatched in the field, and he is not afraid to challenge companies when improvements need to be made. He frequently converses with CEOs, Lab Directors, technicians, specialists, and scientific researchers of the companies he works with so he can have the most updated and cutting-edge knowledge possible about their products. Dr Joseph is always looking for innovations in the supplement field while retaining his orthomolecular “right molecule” approach. He will never make a recommendation without careful consideration, planning, and thought.

Supplement companies will often discontinue a product or change a formula, and Dr Joseph is swift to find viable side-by-side replacements so that you don’t miss a step with your nutrient status. He has many options available in case a product that we all know and love is no longer available.

If a company is not transparent about their manufacturing process or about their ingredients, Dr Joseph will not endorse or sell those products. He has strict criteria when evaluating a supplement company. The company must have great products, for a great price, and with great service. If a company does not meet all three of those criteria 100%, he moves onto a company that does. So, rest assured that you have an advocate that holds supplement companies to the highest standard possible.

And as Dr Joseph says: “I won’t ever suggest anything to you that I wouldn’t suggest to my own Mom!”