Learn to Assess, Diagnosis, & Treat Candida Related Health Issues With The Candida Mastery Course!

The Candida Mastery Course Starts July 22nd. Early Bird Discount Now Available! Hosted and taught by Dr Kurt Woeller of Integrative Medicine Academy, the official clinical training school for

Featuring guest lecturer, Dr Michael Joseph, DFM, DNM, PhD, MS, founder of Drugless Functional Medicine

Watch Dr Woeller Interview Dr Joseph here:

Candidiasis, a.k.a., chronic Candida, is more than just a nuisance condition. Patients can be significantly compromised with regards to their health, affecting all aspects of homeostasis. This includes dysfunctions within the gastrointestinal, immunological, and neurological systems and various biochemical pathways. A thorough clinical and pathogenicity understanding of chronic candidiasis is paramount to helping individuals affected by this insidious problem.

The Candida Mastery Course provides the most comprehensive, clinically relevant, and immediately actionable material for any health practitioner seeking in-depth knowledge related to chronic candidiasis. 

We have jam-packed this 6 module course to flatten the learning curve, so you can quickly and successful incorporate these new tools into your practice immediately. 

Here is a rundown of the ground-breaking Candida Mastery Course that begins July 22nd, 2021:

• Live Webinars and 24/7 Access To Recordings
There are 6 core webinar lectures hosted by Dr Kurt Woeller. Each core webinar is presented LIVE and recorded for later viewing. 

• Recorded Bonus Material
  Bonus lectures with several hours of complementary material. 

• Special Bonus Module called Candida Albicans: The Hidden Monster in Your Gut
Featuring guest lecturer, Dr Michael Joseph, DFM, DNM, PhD, MS founder of Drugless Functional Medicine and Clinical Scientist, featuring cutting-edge concepts about Candida as the “social organism”, Cancer and Candida, and Vitamin C and Candida.

• LIVE Q&A Sessions
Live question and answers sessions with Dr Kurt Woeller. These sessions are presented live, recorded for later viewing, and are meant to support the lecture material, but are open to any topic of interest you may be encountering in practice. 

• 24/7 Access To Private Forum
2 4/7 access to the doctors through the members-only Candida Mastery Course forum. This forum is used by you to post questions to Dr Woeller where you will receive a personalized answer. 

• Brandable Office Documents and handouts
Office documents, templates, treatment protocols, patient handouts, etc. Many of these documents are open-access (brandable), which means you can use at your discretion for your own logo placement, etc. to be used within your practice. The course material is meant to make this process of integrative and functional medicine for Candida related issues as turn-key as possible.

• Webinar Lesson Slides
Color slides in PDF format for all lectures, as well as printouts that can be used during the webinars for note-taking.

• Certificate of Completion
  Suitable for framing.

• CEU/CEM Credits
Issued through Westbrook University for those who take and pass the exams.

The Candida Mastery Course Starts July 22nd. Early Bird Discount Now Available!

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